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To use hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine

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1, select the flat tops, Steady machine can be opened so that the machine chassis foot panels easy to observe.
2, the hand-held sensor head plug socket on the panel and tightened. Note that positioning gap
3, plug the power cord into one end of the chassis after the board's socket and the other end into the power supply outlet, be sure to use the single-phase three-wire power supply.
4, open the case after the board's "Power Switch (POWER SW.)", According to panel "Power Switch (SWITCHING)" key, to be "ready (WARM UP)" green indicator light, the machine can work.
5, hold down the "Settings button (SETTING BUTTON)" button, set the appropriate value, usually between 0.5-2.0 seconds.
6, the sensor head on the container lid above, click the start button on the handle, when "heating (HEATING)" red indicator light, said it is heated, sensor head should not move away, "heating (HEATING)" red indicator light destroy after removing sensor head, such as "ready (WARM UP)" green indicator light or buzzer machine short sound "beep" prompt then the next one can be sealed container operations.
7, check the seal of quality, according to different material, the diameter of the container, as well as production efficiency, proper dressing, "Settings button (SETTING BUTTON) key to make the best quality sealing.
1, this machine not apply to metal containers and metal-loaded cover, but can not be placed on the stage of metal pressed the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine.
2, in the pass must be inserted before the power induction air plugs, and locking screw.
3, this machine using the single-phase three-wire power cord, for the operator safety, be sure to use the single-phase three-wire power outlet, in the workplace on the ground must be dry in order to maintain insulation.
4, the machine equipped with automatic temperature thermal protection function, when the machine temperature overheating, machine buzzer sounding "abnormal protection (PRO. MD.)" Yellow indicator light, this time to be master switch off the power, standby after the cessation of cooling within the buzzer, and then continue to work.
5, the working process in the head should always be touch-sensitive surface to check whether overheating, such as found in hot to stop heating, cooling until after work (you can do with the cooling power), "ready (WARM UP)" green light does not shine, the Do not press the start button in order to avoid false triggering. The machine works are completed, please turn off the power switch on the panel.
6, the machine is equipped with fuses to 5A, the insurance is not available to replace more than 5A.
7, this machine has high pressure, bottom live, is strictly prohibited without permission repairs in order to avoid personal electric shock.
8, prior to use if found exposed wires should stop using the machines to be repaired before being used.
9, this equipment transportation, storage, use does not impact, pressure, moisture.
10, product inspection and acceptance, when out of the box, in the normal transport, packaging intact cases, such as found in products, parts and inconsistent with the packing list should be timely and to the company.
11, according to manual, use the operator should first try to find out if a product is found manufacturing quality problems in the company within the period specified note that this equipment warranty for six months and be responsible for maintenance.
Note: The machines are equipped with limited-current protection, when the sealing foil area is too large, or too close close to the induction coil, the automatic turn-off output, machine buzzer sounding panel "anomalies Protection (PRO. MD.)" yellow indicator light, until restored.
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