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Sealing machine also need to regularly kill the virus

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Sealing machine would also like cars, require regular maintenance, good operating practices can extend its life, of course, regular cleaning and even try to increase speed, thereby enhancing work efficiency. For the sealing machine, the main methods of heat sterilization method and chemical method. Pairs of open-type aseptic packaging machine is concerned, prior to the aseptic filling, sealing machine surfaces in contact with the product must undergo sterilization. The sterilization is through self-generated sterile sealing machine hot air (or sterile hot steam) to achieve. In the sterilization process, the aseptic sealing machine hot air in direct contact with the product contact surface sterilization. Closed aseptic packaging machine through the aseptic sterilization is only hot air is not enough, but also to ensure a sterile enclosed space, that is, sterile room sterilization. Pre-production, sterile room tends to be used hydrogen peroxide spray and air drying to achieve the sterile, sterile air through the sealing machine of the sterile air heater must be heated to the temperature obtained; sterilization, the liquid hydrogen peroxide injection to the sterile hot air and the instantaneous evaporation, so that sterile air and gas mixture of hydrogen peroxide into the sterile rooms for sterilization, condensation, including hydrogen peroxide through the sterile surface of the hot air drying, thus completing the sterile room sterilization. 
Any one machine has a life span of manual it says that only an ideal working hours, working hours, in order to achieve this is not easy, in fact, factory test time is under the regular maintenance of the result.
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