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Continuous price cuts in favor of steel sealing machinery manufacturing and development of

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A few days reading the newspaper, watch news, know that the world's steel mills continue to cut price adjustment response to the crisis, Southeast Asia steel prices stainless steel production fell 50%, JSW Steel plans to limit production, Germany, the two steel prices continue to limit production, Tokyo Steel increases scrap purchase price, the spread of the global financial crisis will in the coming months, a period of increasing global demand for steel city, down trend, coupled with continued sluggish export market, can be expected that prices of flat products will be succeeding in the short term decline trend. Expected in the fourth quarter of 2008, dealers will continue to digest the task of inventory. Therefore, the steel sales will continue to decline. All these negative factors will force a further decline in the Asian steel manufacturers steel to maintain order. Relevant market information shows that the automotive and construction industries will suffer most from the impact of the global financial crisis and the significant implications for the cold-roll and coated steel sales. There is expected to show that in early 2009, steel prices will hit bottom; that time, the scrap prices are expected to stabilize and is expected to rebound in the first quarter of 2009, signs; in China after the Lunar New Year, dealers will re-evaluate inventory, according to rebuild inventories to market demand, therefore, can be expected that sales of long products is expected in the first quarter of 2009, the late rising trend, but in view of the uncertainty of global economic development, long narrow timber sales will be up there.
So all that we are manufacturers, you can buy low-priced steel, the production sealing machine and packaging machinery, until the financial turmoil, we can make a fortune of.
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