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Vacuum packaging machine of knowledge of how to spread maintenance of vacuum packaging machine

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The maintenance of the vacuum sealing machine vacuum pump maintenance is the core, so we called the vacuum pump maintenance. Vacuum maintenance of specific points or less 6:00
1, the replacement exhaust filter
If the pump was significantly higher temperature, motor current is reached or exceeded the rated current, pump exhaust fumes are generated, they should check the exhaust filter is blocked, such as blocking, shall be promptly replaced. Hole filling at pump
Installation of exhaust pressure gauge, check the filter is blocked. When the pressure exceeds 0.6bar (table pressure) may replace the exhaust filter.
2, replacement vacuum pump oil and oil filter
If the oil is contaminated and black, emulsifying, or thickening should be timely oil change. At the same time oil change, oil filter should be replaced. And to add new oil before you wash pump.
Cleaning, oil change steps:
Stop hot oil pump let go; spin placed on the oil plug, running 5-10 seconds, the oil exhausted; into clean fuel (32, general machinery oil) to the oil window height 3 / 4; running vacuum pump 5 -- 10 minutes; stop pump, the oil discharge
Out. If let go of oil is still relatively turbid, who fail, repeat steps 3,4 until the release of oil was transparent-like; spin put the oil plug on a running 5-10 seconds; the oil exhausted; injected under the new oil that is be.
3, vacuum pump oil
XD, XQ series of vacuum pumps should be used to compound SH0528-92 standard requirements of the vacuum pump oil. Environmental temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ using ISO -
VG32 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil. Environment temperature 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ using ISO-VG100 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil (the original one #
Vacuum pump oil).
Vacuum pump running when you need to maintain the oil is located in the oil window of a high level of 1 / 2 ~ 3 / 4. Should always check the oil level and oil pollution (recommended for each
Weeks once).
4, cleaning suction filters
Suction filter should be kept clean to avoid pumping speed down.
5, storage
If the pumps do not have a long-term set aside, the oil should be exhausted, and cleaning pumps, and then injected under the new oil placed in a dry place.
6, other
For customers ordering repair parts, please inform the pump model and machine number can be found on the pump nameplate.
Because some maintenance repair work requires a certain expertise, equipment and special tools, please contact with the manufacturer.
Pump removal should be to ensure that oil-free. Can not hit pipelines, oil filters and other items.
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