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Edible oil prices, to promote the development of filling machine

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Commonly used edible oil filling machine Filling flowmeter, flow meter filling is the computer automatically track the changes in oil temperature and density at any time to adjust the amount of oil, so that the quality of reduction in oil changes with temperature and density resulting from errors, measurement accuracy higher. Were determined using fixed-volume filling and the quality of filling two kinds of measurement methods.

Silent for nearly a year edible oil market in the country in mid-November the cold rain and snow in large-scale, ushered in a long absence, hot up: cottonseed oil, peanut oil first, vegetable oil, palm oil, then the spot wholesale price of soybean oil rose hundred days / t record is declared the establishment of rally. The beginning of December, edible oil retail outlets have started a new round of price increases. Fook Lam Moon soya bean oil, blend oil, rapeseed oil, oil prices in the range of 10% -15%; Arowana's soya bean oil, rapeseed oil price increases in the range of 6% -6.5%.

Edible oil filling machine used in cooking oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, salad oil and other oil filling, oil sub-installed on the edible oil filling is a better choice, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Qun-Jie spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Production The oil filling machinery and edible oil filling machine design is reasonable, model compact, easy to operate, filling principle straightforward. And the filling volume and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, filling and high accuracy. Interested parties welcome to come to Nanjing, Qun-Jie Spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. consulting and ordering!

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