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Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine - the perfect solution for filling packaging

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Traditional fillings production process are: filling the first cooling pan  manual filling plastic vacuum-packed flattened  the second high-temperature sterilization or dry cooling drying finished product, it is clear in the traditional craft , the first cooling process is a process of bacterial contamination, hand adds to secondary bacterial contamination. To minimize the product due to bacterial contamination leading to expansion pack, metamorphic, the usual practice is to conduct high-temperature sterilization. On this point, I would not normally business on a quarterly basis amounts to around 10 to 20 million yuan, which does not include the initial cooling, sterilization equipment, input costs. Moreover, the traditional complicated production process also greatly extended the production cycle, filling from the pan to packaging complete, at least 12h or more, or even 24h. However, the high production costs and can not be exchanged to improve the quality of fillings.

At present, there is a growing emphasis on product quality, along with the expansion of production capacity, filling quality and shelf-life such as baking industry has become the focus of a range of issues. And problems are not troubled by the manufacturer all the time, almost all of the fillings manufacturers are seeking both to reduce production costs, but also ways to improve product quality. Spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. In order to solve this problem, has been committed to filling the vacuum packing heat reasons, through continuous research, spark machine to adjust the production process: filling pan  heat filling high vacuum cooling (which can election)  drying  flatten plastic finished products, new results solve the business problem has been troubling, is the perfect solution for filling packaging is even more spark company is also one of China's packaging machinery industry, technical progress.

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