KP Series Expanding Bag Packer

KP Series Expanding Bag Packer

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This machine is a new popular form of packing that is appreciated by large customers. The filling adopts hydraulic pressure to make the bag full , elegant and attractive in appearance. The control drive elements adopt the imported pneumatic device to make the location more firm.  And the compound film package is adopted so that the shelf life can be up to three months after sterilization.

Main Uses :      
        It is widely used to pack all sorts of foodstuffs and drinks such as Japanese bean curd, milk, soya-bean milk, peanut milk, and yogurt .


Main Functions:
        * automatic location
        * quantitative pressurization filling
        * pulse heating sealing

Main Technical Performance:

 Production capacity(bags/h)  800(2 work units)  1200(3work units)
 voltage  380v/220v 50hz
 Filling capacity  Adjusted according to the size of the expanding bag
 Sealing horse power  300w
 Overall dimension  1070×650×1450 mm  1400×650×1560mm
 Machine weight  About180kg   About 230kg
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