XY-168 Type Automatic Double Barreled Double Flavo

* It can be pleasantly divided into two parts
* The much more attractive is that it can be peeled off to eat when frozen
XY---168 type liquid packer is the latest machine type with the optimal design by adopting the newest technology. With the new concept of real double barreled double flavors, it has much more delight of life. When it is put into the markets, it is immediately popular among the new and the old customers. They all think that the machine works smoothly and is easy to operate, its design is unique , and the pattern of the product is novel and interesting, and the rate of the certified products is above 99%, which is the first choice for replacement and occupying the markets.

Main Uses:

It is widely used to pack various liquid drinks such as milk, soya-bean milk, peanut milk and ice stick, etc. and uses single-layer polyethylene plastic film or double-layer co-extrusion film as packing materials.

Main Technical Performance:

roduction efficiency  1050×750×1850mm
 Packing capacity  about 650kg
 Film width  220v/380v (to your choice)
 Specification  1.2kw
 Filling precision  ±1%
 Horse power  Φ23mm length : 100/200mm
 Voltage  168-170mm
 Machine weight  40ml   80ml/ piece
 Overall dimension  3000 pieces/ hour

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