Automatic Plastic Cup Sealer Series

This machine applies to the filling and sealing of various dairy products, and drinks with wide-mouthed glass as container. The filling machine of this series has the novel design, compact structure and practical functions, which can automatically finish the process of filling, sealing, date-printing, cutting, discharging and collecting film and counting. In addition, according to your special requirement, it can be customized .


Main Technical Performance:


Type  SQF-2  SQF-4
 Output(cup/h)  2000  3600
 Horse power(kw)  2.25  4.5
 Voltage(v)   220v  380/220v
 Overall dimension  1510×470×1570 mm  1980×700×1550mm
 weight  about 280kg  about 500kg
 Sealing film width  190mm  350mm
 Filling amount  150-200ml/cup  160-250ml/cup

Please scan the bottom two-dimensional code to open the mobile station: