QGF series Barreled Production Line is composed of bottle washiI~ machine,bottle filling machine and sealing machine into one body especially for the production of drinking water of 3 and 5 gallons. It is an ideal filling line to produce mineral water, distilled water and purified water. The whole line is made of superior stainless steel, anticorrosive and easyto clean. Sidemen's electric components are adopted as main components. The world famous product of AirTAC and Omron are introduced in the air circuit systems. The machine is compactly conformed to small occupation of land and high efficiency and reliable and stable quality and high automation. Onlytwo operators are needed for aline, which is wholly automatic barreled equipment with motor, electric unit and air three in.

Bucket washing filling and capping line

 Number of filling positions  2
 Filling volume:3 and 5 gallons  3gallon、5gallon
 Barrel Sizes:   230×420,  276×490   230×420、 276×490
 Production capacity  60-240bucket/hr 380V、50HZ
 Power  total power 3.68kw
 Air Source  pressure0.45-0.6Mpa,air consumption0.17-0.22m3/hr
 Shape Size  3950×1600×1860(L×W×H)
 Overall dimensions  about 0.8T

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