The newly developed DXD-IO00C Type pellet packer of our company adopts the world advanced PLC technology and has realized the mechatronics.ks main control elements are all using the world amous brand products with reliable and stable performance, and its advanced design is convenient for you to carryon the machine operation,
adjustment and maintenance. Therefore it is the first choice for you to pack materials.


Main characteristics

Separate packing, The whole process is automatic control

Nitroaen gas fillina,Extend the shelf life of the products

Photo-electric detecion ,The trademark Can be guaranteed to have a compact pattern

Carbon tape printing,up to the national standard

Tooth-shape cutting edge, Make the outer appearance of the products much more attractive


Application scope

Expansion category:popcorn,etc.

Roasted seeds and nuts category:peanut kernel, watermelon seeds .etc

Pellet category :seeds,rice,sugar,sak,etc.

powder category: oatmeal,etc.

Medical and chemical category:Washingpowder,alkali, pestcide pellets,etc.

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