Main specifications and strueture character

1. The packing material is printed formed bags.The bags have complete design and of good sealing quality.
2. Technical process :machine picks up bags itself--open --(put advertisement card into it) -- fill products --adjust bag -- hot sealing finished products.
3. It adopts PLC program,man- machine screen ,and whole process controlled automatically.
4. Outside of the whole machine is made of stainless steel plate and the parts which touches the products  adopts imported stainless steel .All these ensure the machine meet nation food  sanitary standard.
5. following equipment will be used together with the mainframe according to different filling products:automatic cup typeelectronic balance,automatic screw filling machine,multihead combination balance and other automatic measuring device.
(Manually feeding material is also available to achieve automatic filling).



1. Pellet:melon seed,dressing,granule medicine,seeds,plastic granules,sugar,feedstuff,etc.
2. Solid:candy,peanut,ice sugar ,chuffed nut,etc.
3. Liquid:yellow wine,vinegar,scour,sauce,etc.
4. Paste:tomato paste,etc.
5. Hardware:fuse,resistance,etc.
6. Others:grain,expanded food,stationary things,etc.

Technical parameters
1.Packing range: 10-2000g
2.Bag shape:three-side sealed bag,handle bag,chain b a g, four-side sealed bag,pouch bag
3.Speed: 1000- 3000b/hour
4.Bag dimension: 150- 320mm(L) ;75- 210mm(W)

4.Bag dimension' 150- 320mm(L) ;75- 210mm(W)
5.Total power: 1.6kw
6.Air source:≥0.6Mpa:≥2.0M3/min;Clean and dry compresscd air

8.Dimension of main machine :220

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